ISA World Finals: The Conclusion

ISA World Finals: The Conclusion

WELL WELL WELL… The I. S. Fucking. A. World Finals at Imagine Extreme Barcelona has come to an end with Jordan Clark being crowned ‘World Champion’., whatever that’s worth… Was Barry actually in attendance or was Barry just trolling us? Maybe Barry was there, maybe Barry wasn’t. Possibly Barry was just watching the live stream with the rest of the 10 year olds on Facebook. Gathering his information from riders that were there through DM. Hmmm, wait a minute, Barry was totally there because of TMZoots stories that were posted, and at the same time, maybe Barry wasn’t and screen shotting peoples posts and posting them as his own. Intriguing, up to you to decide where the fuck Barry was… Sit the fuck down, have a beer/coffee/soda/grab some food and enjoy because we got a long one. IT’S GOOD AS SHIT THO SO READ THE WHOLE DAMN THANG. After our past article that gained some attention wishing changes upon the ISA and questioning its legitness we had to give the people a long write up on the entire event. Enjoy, laugh, and share. Leave hella comments on our Instagram post and let’s debate, argue, talk shit to one another, and discuss the event.

The Park:

Decent skatepark. Built out of plywood from what I heard. The ramps were massive as shit, like damn. That spine was 20 feet tall or some shit I swear. Unfortunately because the ramps were made out of plywood and spray painted the riders had a hard time maintaining speed. THIS ISN’T ISA’S FAULT HOWEVER. Park is built by the event Imagine Extreme Barcelona so this will slide. Gotta work with what the event gives. The park was definitely built for bikes more than scooters in certain areas. The park over looked the water with a nice seating section for fans and locals to enjoy the event.


52 riders competed. About 20 or more of them had absolutely no chance. Like fucking NO chance. I’d put my money on Raymond Warner Backlipping Hollywood 16 before I’d put money on any of those guys making it to the finals. This could have saved the companies a dick ton of money by not even sending these guys to Barcelona and putting that money towards the winner. Roomet deserved his 1st place ranking in qualification, would have been rad to see him win it all. A couple riders need new sponsors. I say that because certain riders look like shit and uncomfortable on their scooters. Exerting 10x the amount of energy than others because their scoot is so heavy. If you’re reading this and your scoot is heavy or uncomfortable this message is for you. Fuck a sponsor and leave that shit for something else. Not worth it. The last heat of Semis consisted of Roomet, Dante Hutchinson, JonMarco Gaydos, Cody Flom, Chris Farris, and Jordan Clark. I don’t care if these guys only tailwhipped, hell, even just jumped and flowed the skatepark the entire time. They were getting through to the finals regardless of how shit their lines were. AND I WAS FUCKIN’ RIGHT. Dante Hutchinson, straight up shouldn’t have been in the finals. This dude got off his scooter for over 15 seconds to get up high on the vert wall to drop in.

He had the Spanish announcer pull his ass up the ramp because he couldn’t get up himself haha. Ayy shout out to the Spainish announcer guy tho, sick as fuck rocking the polo and red adidas pants, I fuck with it. 15 long ass seconds in a 1 minute run where other dudes got 2 maybe 3 or 4 tricks in that time?? The announcer was practically on his knees sucking Dante’s dick. Hyping Dante up way more than others. (The announcer kept making the same ‘get a lawyer for that case’ joke and I would rather staple my ears shut than listen to that again. Also mentioning how good some of these guys were ‘between the hips’ and mentioning the lady’s in the crowd which is unprofessional and made Ava feel uncomfortable. WE NEEDED YOU NEKBEARD!) No way Dante should have advanced to the finals. And his Instagram post confirmed that, he knows he shouldn’t have made it past the Semis. (FUCK HE DELETED THE POST SAYING HE SHOULDN’T HAVE MADE IT TO THE FINALS WHY DIDN’T I SCREEN SHOT THAT FUCK ME) Some more judging bias for you, Jordan Clark’s first run: he dropped in and did a crazy step up trick, tricked the small box, flaired the channel, then ate so much shit on the hip by tagging the coping and falling to the base. Jordan’s first run lasted maybe 20 seconds, landing 3 tricks. SCORED A 70.33???? That’s actually better than 37 other competitors that were apart of the Semis. He ALMOST could have kept that 20 second run and made it to the finals. If he landed whatever trick he wanted to do on that hip he most likely could have chose not to run a 2nd time after a FAILED 1st run and still make the finals, that’s bullshit hahahaha wtf! Some guys got full runs in and didn’t score that lol. Don’t get me wrong he made the finals because of his second run and deserved the crown, but I mean like come on man… That’s some blatant trash judging!


The Finals:

Last event of Imagine Extreme Barcelona was the ISA World Finals and holy fuck the crowd was crazy. Had to have been 3000+ and then another 300 or so in the VIP section for the snobs. Scootering was practically the headliner for the whole event no doubt. As the announcer said multiple times the contest was ‘ridonkulous’. Dylan Morrison showed the fuck up. Sources close to Dylan told us he was vomiting before his runs, probably due to excess drinking the night before haha fuck yeah, and his bars were bent as shit. Bummer for him because Jordan Clark was on one to take the W. 3X WORLD 2ND PLACE CHAMP DYLAN MORRSION!!!! Even though Jordan did 7 flips in his run I think. It’s quite clear that flips are scored higher than any combos, regardless of how insane they are. I hate to say it because I already did. I’MA SAY IT AGAIN, Dante got that sweet sweet favoritism in the finals and DIDN’T DESERVE PODIUM! JonMarco Gaydos got robbed harder than Kim K did in Paris.

I like Dante. I like his riding. Straight up, he was favored. Again, watch his runs. He rode across the entire skatepark, footplanted the vert wall, pushed across the entire park, fast plant fronty whipped, then got off his scooter and ran up the ramps to set up a drop in. Wasted 21 seconds riding across the park doing a wall ride and then a fast plant fronty whip then hopping off his scoot to get up higher than drop in. TWENTY FUCKING ONE SECONDS for 1 bank fly out trick??? CLICK THIS LINK to watch the run and look at the timer yourself.  I will say out of all the riders there he was going the highest on the spine and the box. Like way fucking higher than everyone else. Homie turned into a god damn rocket off those ramps. I would have gave him 7th or 6th place at the best. Maybe I’m being harsh? I think if you waste that much time in a skatepark that big you just don’t know what you’re doing and missing opportunities. There weren’t many crashes in the finals except the key ones from Chris Farris and Cody Flom. Chris came into the contest as someone who could win. Chris should be dead however. Backflip bar bar over the spine and missed the entire landing to the right. Not just once either. IN BOTH OF HIS RUNS. After the 1st horrible bail you’d think he  would learn to not float right off the ramp but his brain malfunctioned? Probably trying to assure himself to hit the hip on the right side rather than the box like the other riders. Cody Floms final run was perfect. One of the only guys hitting the big box backwards. Looked amazing, landing perfectly, but he fucks it all up on his last box trick trying a frontflip whip rewind or some shit. I got really sad when someone uploaded the guys on the podium champagne showering each other. Only Dylan took a sip of the champagne. Dante and Jordan, you guys are on the fucking podium take a sip damnit. CELEBRATE YA FUCKS.

World Street Finals:

What the fuck did anyone know this was going to happen the same day as the finals? Where was Mckeen, Fuller, Martini, and 50 other crazy guys. Sorensen was the only US guy there and he was so fucking good. No AUS riders? A French rider won and flair bar whipped in his run? Street!!!


Jack Dauth somehow went to the world finals because Bestial Wolf flew him there. Who are they tho lol. Who is Hang 5 gear as well?

Dante ate shit on the step up and and was crying from his bail and SB was right there just filming him suffer rather than asking if he was OK haha. Gotta get that YouTube thumbnail.

Jordan Robles is still 9 after 5 years I think, but he’s fucking good.

Andrew Broussard was a judge which I think is great. OG guy who knows scootering.

Mateo Larsen from SD/Scooter Farm was a judge as well. I dont know about that… You couldn’t find anyone better than this guy whose got good friends riding in the contest????? PS: his beanie could cover the entire fucking earth it’s so big on his head holy shit. PSS: it was hot as hell take take that shit off you got short hair.

Kota didn’t enter the contest. Kota had a huge display and he even paid the winners more than ISA did hahaha. Also drove a Ferrari to the event. I dont know who’s backing him now with all this money.

UndialedTV did a great job filming the runs and giving the community worlds contest. Thanks Clayton and William.


The ISA World Finals maybe wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was run relatively smoothly, the Finals and MGP Park battle had crazy tricks, unique riders, and a great atmosphere. It was alright, although it needs more improvement. As I stated earlier the skill gap between 52nd in the world and 30th is way too big, 30th is being gernerous as shit too you could even say 20. Think of a random guy being put into the Olympics and trying to compete. It was that bad. Just make it slightly smaller for a better and more competitive semi final. There has to be more cash somewhere for the riders. How can Kota personally pay the riders 2-3x more than the ISA can? Pro Series is rumored to drop 25k for the winner? Judging needs work. I don’t personally know a solution, but it needs work. A lot of people on Instagram are saying the same damn thing. We can only pray to the lord Terry Price to make this “World Finals” actually important enough to be called just that. Maybe next year we will see an OK event turn into something spectacular.

Long live Barry, Ava, and TMZooters

-TTT, The TMZooters Team 

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