William Cashion, 21 years old, OG District/Eagle rider, and UndialedTV owner/representative/whatever the fuck you wanna call it released a badass edit for us yesterday. According to Will, this was in the making for about 3 years.

After reading that I immediately had my expectations set high. If someone is working on a project for 3 years you better believe I want a prime ass edit. Swiped up like a bitch on his Instastory and I immediately came all over my Iphone. A 10 MINUTE VIDEO LETS FUCKING GO! A 10 minute edit on YouTube of content I’ve never seen before? No FUCKING way! Hell man, I would have been fine with a 4 minute edit, but 10 minutes damn homie!

Intro’s tight. Jumping off what seems to be the shittiest homemade ramp of all time over the curb into the street is a classic. If you never did this I don’t trust you. Pans to a nice, fine looking women which I pressumed to be his MILF, I mean Mom.

The best way to describe this video for me is interesting. Some videos we just have different riders doing the same tricks as everyone else down similar obstacles. With Will’s edit, I had no idea what was to come next. Filming a line through a grocery store, grinding and switching from hat to helmet, all the masking transitions, random images popping up, switching from SD to HD, then random fucking bangers coming out of no where (not gonna spoil). Will’s riding is incredibly unique and interesting and this video really represents his riding well which makes it 10x more enjoyable.

You can tell Will fucking loves scootering. Trying, SPOILER ALERT DON’T KEEP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE VIDEO YA FUCK, 540 flairs and just eating shit over and over again, but then teleporting from WoodWard West to East and landing it was so awesome. That’s not his style or what he does at all which makes him landing that just so insane. And everyone was so hyped for him too it’s so rad.

10/10 fanfuckingtastic video that I really enjoyed. This WILL definitely be up for a TMZoot award at the end of 2018. (HOLY SHIT WHAT’S A TMZOOT) Give this video a watch or 10. Fuck yeah Will!


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